Recently I watched the movie Wild (starring Reese Witherspoon) and was instantly drawn to the idea of backpacking. For those who don’t know the movie Wild, it is a true story based off a book by Cheryl Strayed and her experience. I won’t give away the whole story (for those who wish to watch or read) but she decides to drop everything and hike alone through the Pacific Crest Trail. It starts at the Mojave Desert, through California and Orgon and ending at Washington state. 

I very much want to read the book, though it would be a new thing for me to have watched the movie first. I just fell in love with the movie, so I just know the book will be good. This woman’s story and what she decided to do to change herself speaks to me. She did what I’m to afraid to do and pushed herself mentally and physically to find herself.

I’ve always had a fear of doing things alone. I have this anxiety that really limits me from asking others for help. To afraid that I’ll be made fun of or put down for asking. I would always ask a friend or my husband to go with me places I was to uncomfortable with going alone, like events, parties or places I’ve never been.

So now the more I think about it, the more I really want to do what she did. Maybe not on such a big trail but something similar for sure. I want to go on an adventure by myself. I wanna get close to nature. To be alone and discover what I’m made of. I understand it takes a lot of planning and there’s more to it then the movie emplys but that’s good! I did my research! I want it to hurt, to push me to my breaking point. I feel like this will be the only way I can break my fear and be a better person. 

My husband is on board with the backpacking idea and we’re hoping to start getting things we’ll need together soon and start practicing on smaller trails and shorter days to get a feel for it. I can’t wait! Wish me luck on my journey of self discovery folks. 🙂 and thanks Cheryl Strayed for the inspiration I so desperately needed.

I`m Back!

Hello my fellow bloggers! I`m back! Sorry I`ve been gone for so long, I`ve been in a really bad writing funk. BUT I`m back now and hoping to get back into the swing of things with bigger better posts. 🙂 I`m really hoping to start giving you guys my opinions on some of the books I`ve read or have. Like a book blog but with a few  other things I have been intrested in blogging about. I hope you guys enjoy! I`ve really missed writing.

Home Sweet Home

So I’m back in Florida Folks. I gotta say its weird being home after living abroad a little over 10 months. I have a feeling I will be experiencing some hard reverse culture shock here real soon. I missed my family though and they are happy I’m home. I have some horrible Jet lag so I find myself going to bed around 4 in the afternoon and waking up at 5 in the morning. It’s quiet annoying. My husband has to stay in Japan until August so I’m having a hard time copping without my other half. Not to mention my stomach is killing me because I’m not used to the food here anymore. Its just such a strange feeling being back. Everything is familiar to me, yet somehow different. I never thought America, my friends, my family and my home would feel so foreign to me. Traveling has definitely taken an emotional toll on me, but in the grand seem of things I know its a good thing.

Living In Okinawa: It’s Like Living In a Screen Saver

Hello everyone! Sorry its been awhile, I’ve been packing and getting ready to move back to the states and just recently took a trip to Tokyo (which is what I plan to post about next) I’m really happy I get to re-view my time here in Okinawa because its nice to go down memory lane at the end of a chapter in your life.

In this post, I want to talk about how gorgeous it is here. I got here in August when the rainy season had ended and it was all sunshine and rainbows (which I would learn later only happens for about half the year) and I think the one thing that just blew me away was how clear the water was. It was like pool water! You can see straight to the bottom! For some that may not seem so impressive but I’m from Florida, where our beaches are usually murky and green or a weird shade of blue. I would have to say it is my number one favorite thing about this place when it comes to scenery. You know those screen savers that have the sand bar and you can see the bottom for miles? I’m pretty sure someone could have taken that here in Okinawa. That however is the pros. The cons are that its cold alot longer than Florida, and Then it rains for a few months straight. I missed those Florida thunderstorms that only last a few hours tops, but I cant complain. All in all its a beautiful island and I’m going to miss all the unique houses and farms. I’ll even miss the occasional mountain (which we also don’t have in the flat plains of Florida)

Here’s a view pics I took while here just to give you an idea:

This was taken at our local beach called Uppama. For those of you who dont know, I live in the far North of Okinawa



Taken at a park called 21st Century in Nago




This was taken at the very North tip of Okinawa called Cape Hedo



Dreaming Up A Story Idea

So last night I had a dream that I thought would make the coolest story. Don’t you just love when that happens?! I ran it by my husband the second I woke up so I wouldn’t forget and he loved it. Now to run it by you guys! 🙂 Just a heads up! It may not make total since, because after all it was a dream so bare with me cause I feel like I could turn this into an awesome story.

I was on a ship in space…with a family, I’m guessing it was my family because I had a since of fondness of them. This ship didn’t look like a ship, it looked like another planet earth only smaller. There were houses and cars and streets and trees, but something went wrong. Some kind of alien race was after us, so we were going to be rescued by someone on another ship but this was a long time into the future I guess because before someone could rescue us earth exploded (which is why I’m guessing we we’re on the ship to begin with) and the impact moved us somewhere we couldn’t be reached. I remember telling a little girl (assuming its my sister) to close the window inside our house to preserve our air? not to clear on that part because then my dream skips to a part where we’re driving, looking for signs of life left on the ship (I guess we were inside our house a long time) and we saw that people were hiding in cars or behind buildings.Then we saw a small ship hit our atmosphere and at first we thought we were saved…But everyone else started running or hiding…and I started seeing mechanical claws come out of the ship looking to grab people…so I told who ever was driving, I think it was my mom? To stop and pretend the car was abandoned or they would see us but it was to late so we drove into a huge pile of bushes. Next part of my dream I remember was the aliens doing raids in our house every night so all of us would hide under this giant blanket on the bed and be really still. (childish but like I said, this was just apart of my dream) And the last think I remember was we were at a vegetable market and we’re looking at poorly grown food and I stole a potato from a girl (yes a potato, a mushy one at that) and she saw that I had taken it so we started fighting, so I ran to my house with her following but when I got there I felt like something was wrong, and I guess she did to because she stopped trying to fight me and just followed me as I ran to the front drive way. One of the aliens (disguised as a human) had his claw out and was doing something to my little brother. He got scared when he saw me and I just remember how angry I was. And it was like suddenly I had crazy strength and agility because I lept onto the top of the car screaming and denting it. He was confused by this and asked me what my orders were (like I was one of the aliens) but I didn’t give him an answer I just kept screaming that I would kill him. And that was it. Then I woke up.

It’s pretty choppy, but all my dreams usually are. I just know that if I feed it more ideas and details it will grow into a really good story, this is just the idea that will spark it. What do you guys think?

Living In Okinawa: Airports


If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that you cant get enough people to blog about living in another country. I’ll be going back to the states soon. I’ve been living in Okinawa since August (for those who didn’t read my first post) and I’ve had so many life changing experiences and I want to share with everyone my journey from the beginning, So every week (at the least unless something comes up) I’ll post an experience I had during my travels and stay here. Hopefully I’ll find someone who’s experienced something similar to what I have and can relate, and if not I hope I can inspire you to go out and travel yourselves.

So to begin, Has anyone ever noticed what a whole other world it is inside of airports? Think about it. If you wanted you could live in an airport so long as you didn’t get caught (but I once had security catch me for napping across to many chairs so that’s unlikely) The first time I came to the airport I tried to imagine what it was like for all the people that worked here in their own little world, bouncing from one airport to the next everyday. Landing in different countries and contents, different cultures and time zones, but never truly being apart of it.

I’ll admit it made me nerves on the way over here. So many people going to or from somewhere, trying to manage their time wisely. Loved ones saying goodbye and hello. It made me crazy emotional. Especially the airport my parents dropped me off at. It wasn’t till my third airport (I went through five airports by the way) did I really start thinking about how detached airports were from whatever country it was sitting on. They made sure you knew it was a place that got you where you needed to go, only giving off enough culture to let you know you weren’t home, you weren’t meant to feel at home.

I would love to know you guys views on airports. As you can see, mine is only through the view of a first timer. I have been to an airport and ridden a plane before, but I was only 11 or so and it was to visit my grandparents in another state, not another country!

Comment away! (this post is a little short, but its cause I’m sitting in an internet cafe and my Internet time is almost up!)


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